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Green Energy Landing Page Design


Bodhi Tree Corporate Advisors LLP (BTCALLP) sought to revamp its landing page to enhance user experience (UX) and effectively communicate its diverse range of financial advisory services to potential clients. The goal was to create a visually engaging and user-friendly landing page that would drive conversions and engagement.

Research & Analysis

Conducting user research and competitor analysis provided valuable insights into user preferences and industry trends. I identified pain points and opportunities for improvement, including the need for clearer navigation, compelling visuals, and concise messaging.

Design Process

  1. Wireframing: We began by sketching wireframes to outline the layout and structure of the landing page, focusing on intuitive navigation and visual hierarchy.
  2. Visual Design: Incorporating BTCALLP’s branding guidelines, we designed a clean and modern interface with engaging visuals and consistent typography to enhance readability.
  3. Interactive Elements: To improve user engagement, we added interactive elements such as animated graphics, hover effects, and clickable buttons to encourage exploration and interaction.

Implementation & Testing

After finalizing the design, I collaborated with developers to implement the landing page using responsive web design principles to ensure optimal performance across devices.

User testing and feedback sessions helped identify areas for further refinement.


The revamped landing page successfully achieved the objectives of enhancing UX and driving conversions. User engagement metrics, including time on page and click-through rates, showed significant improvement.

The visually appealing design and intuitive navigation have made it easier for visitors to navigate BTCALLP’s services and take action.


By prioritizing user experience and incorporating engaging visuals and intuitive design elements, the revamped landing page has effectively communicated BTCALLP’s value proposition and attracted potential clients.

The iterative design process and user feedback were instrumental in achieving a successful outcome.

Discover how a strategic redesign transformed Bodhi Tree Corporate Advisors LLP’s landing page, driving better engagement and user experience. Explore the journey of enhancing navigation, incorporating interactivity, and improving visual design to effectively communicate BTCALLP’s financial advisory services.

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