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Logistics App Design

Problem Statement

Traditional courier services often lack transparency, reliability, and convenience, leading to frustrations for both senders and recipients. Businesses struggle with inefficient logistics management, while individuals face challenges in finding affordable and efficient shipping solutions.


This app addresses these challenges by offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to the needs of both businesses and individuals. This app is a courier delivery app that enables fast and convenient scheduling and tracking of package deliveries. The app’s user-friendly interface and real-time tracking features provide a hassle-free experience for senders and recipients alike.


Visual Screens


Home Page

The home page of the courier app features two main options for users: “Business” and “Direct”.

The “Business” option is designed for corporate users who require customized services, such as scheduled pickups and priority delivery.

The “Direct” option is for individual users who need to send packages quickly and easily.

Tracking Order

A tracking page that provided real-time updates on the status of shipments and allowed users to easily track their packages throughout the delivery process.

Order Details Page

The package details page displays important information such as dimensions and weight, providing users with essential details about their shipment.

This allows users to make informed decisions and plan accordingly for their package.

Payment Options

The payments details page allowed users to select their preferred shipping type and payment method before proceeding with the transaction.
Shipping options were clearly presented with estimated delivery dates and costs, while payment methods were listed with clear instructions on how to complete the transaction.

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