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Project Overview

Tembo Global Industries Ltd. is a leading global provider of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) solutions, offering a diverse portfolio of services across multiple sectors and countries. With the recent expansion to include infrastructure projects, there was a need to create a new homepage that effectively highlights this new service while maintaining a cohesive brand image in line with their established style guide.

The objective was to develop a homepage that is modern, user-friendly, and engaging, providing a clear overview of Tembo Infra’s expertise and offerings.


  1. Highlight Key Services and Projects: Showcase Tembo Infra’s core services and latest projects prominently, including the new infrastructure service.
  2. Enhance User Experience: Create an intuitive and engaging homepage that facilitates easy navigation and quick access to information.
  3. Improve Engagement: Encourage users to explore more pages and interact with the content.
  4. Modern Design: Update the visual design to reflect the company’s innovative and professional image, while aligning with their existing style guide.


Stakeholder Interviews

Conducted interviews with key stakeholders to understand their vision, goals, and expectations for the new homepage. Key insights included:

  • Importance of showcasing new infrastructure services.
  • Need for a modern and professional design that aligns with the brand.
  • Desire for clear navigation and easy access to key information.

Competitive Analysis

Analyzed the homepages of leading EPC companies to identify best practices and opportunities for differentiation. Notable findings included the importance of project showcases, clear service descriptions, and strong visual elements.

Design Process

Information Architecture

Structured the information architecture to ensure a logical flow and easy access to key sections: About Us, Projects, News, and Contact Us.


Developed wireframes to map out the layout and structure of the homepage. Ensured that each section was strategically placed to guide the user journey effectively.

Visual Design

Created a modern, clean design with the following elements:

  • Hero Section Slider: Featuring four slides with engaging images and direct links to key pages (About Us, Projects, News, Contact Us).
  • Services Section: Highlighting core services with brief descriptions, including the new infrastructure service.
  • Projects Showcase: Displaying recent projects with quick summaries and links to detailed pages.
  • News Section: Providing updates and industry news.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Encouraging users to contact Tembo Infra for collaborations or inquiries.

To ensure consistency, we adhered to Tembo’s existing style guide while infusing a modern touch to the design. This included using their brand colors, typography, and visual elements, while incorporating contemporary design trends such as clean lines, ample white space, and high-quality images.

Content Strategy

Developed compelling content for each section to clearly communicate Tembo Infra’s value proposition, expertise, and achievements. Ensured that the tone was professional, yet approachable.


  1. Enhanced User Experience: The new design is expected to significantly improve user navigation and interaction, making it easier for users to find relevant information quickly and efficiently.
  2. Increased Engagement: With a modern and visually appealing design, we anticipate higher user engagement, with more visitors exploring multiple pages and interacting with various content elements.
  3. Clear Presentation of Services: By prominently showcasing Tembo Infra’s core services and new infrastructure projects, we aim to effectively communicate the company’s capabilities and attract potential clients and partners.
  4. Consistent Brand Image: Adhering to Tembo’s style guide while adding a modern touch ensures a cohesive brand image that reflects innovation and professionalism.
  5. Future Growth: The new homepage is designed to support Tembo Infra’s ongoing growth and expansion, providing a robust platform for showcasing new projects and updates.


The new homepage design for Tembo Global Industries Ltd. successfully achieved its objectives, resulting in a more engaging, intuitive, and visually appealing user experience. By focusing on user needs and leveraging best practices in UX design, we were able to create a homepage that not only showcases Tembo Infra’s capabilities but also drives user interaction and satisfaction. Integrating the new infrastructure service seamlessly into the design, while adhering to the company’s style guide, ensured consistency and modernity, positioning Tembo Infra for continued success in the global infrastructure landscape.

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